Camera Obscura "Vorti-Scope" Installation at Downtown Eastport Waterfront.

Camera Obscura "Vorti-Scope" Installed in Downtown Eastport for the summer.
Ongoing Exhibit

Eastport - Downtown Waterfront (north side of the Commons Building) - 52 Water Street

The stand alone, portable, Camera Obscura structure named Vortii-Scope (as shown in the photograph) has been installed on the Eastport waterfront (along the walkway next to the north side of the Commons building) and will remain in place and open to the public until at least the end of August. So plan to check it out! The installation is sponsored by the Tides Institute & Museum of Art. It is the creation of Fredericton artist, Greg Charlton, with assistance from Fredericton architect, John Leroux. Greg will give an on site talk about the project on Sunday, June 30th at 3 pm (eastern time). We'll also have a related drawing workshop on July 11th and a photography workshop on August 8th. A centuries old idea, a Camera Obscura projects an image of the outside onto a flat surface within a darkened chamber. Visitors will be able to walk into the Camera Obscura structure and see the rotating projected image of surrounding buildings and the nearby waters and islands of Passamaquoddy Bay. Here is a short YouTube video of the Camera Obscura structure when it was installed in Fredericton:

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